Claire Monteleoni



Assistant Professor, Computer Science, George Washington University


  1. Bullet GW Institute for Sustainability (GWIS)

  2. Bullet GW SEAS Energy Institute

  3. Bullet GW Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute (CSPRI)


Postdoc. 2006-2008, CSE, UC San Diego.  Advisor: Sanjoy Dasgupta.

Ph.D. 2006, S.M. 2003, CSAIL, EECS, MIT.  Advisor: Tommi Jaakkola.

A.B. EPS, Harvard.

Research focus: machine learning.

Theory and algorithms:     

  1. Bullet Learning from data streams

  2. Bullet Active, semi-supervised, and unsupervised learning

  3. Bullet Privacy-preserving machine learning

  4. Bullet Embeddings, sparsity, and high-dimensionality


  1. Bullet Climate science (see our page on Climate Informatics), energy conservation

  2. Bullet Computer networks, computer vision

  3. Bullet Finance


Recent news:

  1. Bullet Invited talk at AGU 2013!

  2. Bullet Awarded NSF grant: Climate Informatics Workshop!

  3. Bullet Invited talk at Discovery Informatics 2013!

  4. Bullet Two papers at ALT 2013!

  5. Bullet Invited talk at Climate Informatics 2013!

  6. Bullet PhD student Mahesh Mohan has joined the GW Machine Learning group!

  7. Bullet Late-Breaking Paper at AAAI 2013!

  8. Bullet Invited talk at the US Census Bureau!

  9. Bullet Invited talk at IBIS 2012!

  10. Bullet Climate Informatics 2012 was a success! Thanks to all organizers and participants!

  11. Bullet The GW Machine Learning group has been inaugurated! Scott McQuade and Cheng Tang have joined as PhD students!

  12. Bullet Our paper, “Global Climate Model Tracking using Geospatial Neighborhoods,” was accepted for oral and poster presentation in the Computational Sustainability track of AAAI 2012!

  13. Bullet Our paper, “Online Clustering with Experts,” was accepted for oral presentation at AISTATS 2012!