Claire Monteleoni



Assistant Professor, Computer Science, George Washington University


  1. Bullet GW Sustainability Collaborative

  2. Bullet GW Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute (CSPRI)


Postdoc. 2006-2008, CSE, UC San Diego.  Advisor: Sanjoy Dasgupta.

Ph.D. 2006, S.M. 2003, CSAIL, EECS, MIT.  Advisor: Tommi Jaakkola.

A.B. EPS, Harvard.

Research focus: machine learning.

Theory and algorithms:     

  1. Bullet Learning from data streams

  2. Bullet Active, semi-supervised, and unsupervised learning

  3. Bullet Embeddings, sparsity, and high-dimensionality

  4. Bullet Privacy-preserving machine learning


  1. Bullet Climate science: Climate Informatics

  2. Bullet Sustainability: energy, environment, agriculture

  3. Bullet Finance


“Climate Change: Challenges for Machine Learning,” NIPS 2014. Video and slides.


I co-founded the Climate Informatics Workshop in 2011. The workshop turned 5 in

2015, and has attracted climate scientists and data scientists from over 19 countries

and 30 states.

Applicants to the Machine Learning group at GW, please read this before contacting me.


Recent news:

  1. Bullet Senior Area Chair for NIPS 2017!

  2. Bullet Congratulations to Mahesh Mohan for his paper at IJCNN 2017!

  3. Bullet Congratulations to Cheng Tang for her paper at AISTATS 2017!

  4. Bullet Invited talk at NIPS 2016 workshop!

  5. Bullet Invited talk at Korea Meteorological Administration!

  6. Bullet Invited member, NSF RCN IS-GEO!

  7. Bullet Awarded Jean d’Alembert fellowship!

  8. Bullet Awarded NSF grant!

  9. Bullet Congratulations to Cheng Tang for her paper at AISTATS 2016!

  10. Bullet Invited talk at AGU 2015!

  11. Bullet Congratulations to Cheng Tang for two workshop papers at NIPS 2015!

  12. Bullet The Climate Informatics Workshop turned 5 in 2015! And we added a Hackathon!

  13. Bullet Congratulations to Anna, Krzysztof, and Geetha for a journal paper at TCS!

  14. Bullet Invited talk at Université Paris, Saclay, 2015!

  15. Bullet Congratulations to Mahesh Mohan for his paper at ICRA 2015!

  16. Bullet Invited talk at Gatsby Unit, University College London!

  17. Bullet Invited talk at Workshop on Computational Sustainability, AAAI 2015!