I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Science department at George Washington University. I received my PhD. from Boston University under the direction of Professor Richard West. I lead the real-time systems, and Operating Systems groups at GWU.

Much of our research centers around the Composite component-based operating system. Fine grained system policies, mechanisms, and abstractions are defined as independent components, which are composed together to create a specialized and functional system. In doing so, a focus is on taking advantage of the increased system flexibility to bring predictability to cloud-scale systems, and rich functionality to embedded systems. Topics of interest include:

We’ve also researched and developed one of the fastest software sandboxing systems for WebAssembly outside of the browser, aWsm. We’ve investigated runtimes for the smallest of microcontrollers up to a serverless runtime for the edge. Unifying Wasm and Composite runtimes will enable universal binaries able to run efficiently with tight security and reliability properties.

Please see our publications for more detail.

Interested in Research?

We have a highly ranked research lab in embedded and real-time systems. We approach that domain mainly through OS design and implementation.

For undergrads and MS students: depending on a number of conditions, research can be conducted for class credit as a special topics class, and stipends might be appropriate once a student can contribute.

Systems Musings Meetup

If you’re considering diving into systems, anyone at GWU is welcome to attend our weekly systems musings discussion, which we conduct remotely. We talk about a systems article or topic each week to stay up-to-date on core technologies and topics – from Linux, to embedded systems, to compilers, to architectures. See the Scheduled Discussions for our queue of what we’re going to discuss. Feel free to add topics in List of Potential Topics. Email me for information if you’re interested.