Timothy W. Wood
Associate Professor
SEH Room 4580
202 994-1918
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Total time coded since Oct 31 2016

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at George Washington University and one of the directors of the GW Cloud Systems Lab. I teach and do research in the general areas of operating systems and distributed systems. I am particularly interested in how new virtualization technologies can provide application agnostic tools that improve performance, efficiency, and reliability in cloud computing data centers and software-based networks. My research focuses on practical, systems-level challenges created by emerging technologies in these areas. I received my Ph.D. in CS from UMass Amherst in 2011 and my B.S. in ECE from Rutgers University in 2005.

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Research Students

I have been fortunate to work with many excellent students!

Current Ph.D. students:

Past Ph.D. students:

  • Zhen Ni - PhD in 2021, now at VMware
  • Michael Trotter - PhD in 2020, now at Metron
  • Yuxin Ren (Co-advised with Gabe Parmer), was at Amazon, now at Huawei
  • Guyue Grace Liu - PhD in 2019, Post Doc at Carnegie Mellon University, now Assistant Professor at NYU Shanghai
  • Wei Zhang - PhD in 2018, Microsoft Azure Networking, now Assistant Professor at University of Connecticut
  • Sundaresan Rajasekaran - PhD in 2018, now at Intel
  • Jinho Hwang - PhD in 2013, was at IBM Research, now at Meta

The undergrad and MS students I’ve worked with have also gone on to great things: Catherine Meadows (BS ‘22, MS ‘23, Navy), Kevin Deems (BS ‘21, Vanguard->Meta->Cloudflare), Pat Cody (BS ‘20, Facebook), Dennis Afanasev (BS ‘20, Stateless->NASA), Mykola Yurchenko (BS ‘19, Facebook), Riley Kennedy (BS ‘19, Apple), Aaron Coplan (BS ‘19, Facebook), Kebo Duan (MS ‘19, Google), Neel Shah (BS ‘17, VMware), Phil Lopreiato (BS ‘17, Facebook), Harpreet Singh (MS ‘17, Stony Brook), Shaohua Duan (MS ‘16, Rutgers), Chenghu He (MS ‘16, EMC), Lucas Chaufournier (BS ‘15, UMass->Square), Rian Shambaugh (BS ‘15, UMass->FINRA).

MS Advising

If I am listed as your MS advisor, I can help you plan your degree. However, before sending me email you should check: